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February 2018
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Putting your tax refund back into your home

Most people want to do something glamorous, frivolous or fun with their tax refund, however that extra influx of cash that comes each spring may be better spent on your home. Below are a few ways to make improvements with those extra dollars.

Small Projects – Refunds are rarely large enough to fund a major project or renovation, but there are plenty of smaller projects that can have a significant impact on the home: Replacing cabinets, sinks, windows, or the garage door, repairing decks, updating appliances, or getting your home professionally painted.

Preventive Maintenance – Hire a professional to cut back or remove trees. Inspect and make necessary roof repairs. 

Invest in Equity – Take that extra cash and apply it to your principle. You won’t regret it later. For those looking to buy their first or even second home, save it to apply it to a down payment.

Cover It – A less tangible but increasingly savvy move, is to beef up home insurance. Review your current policy and look and see how well covered you are for fires (and what kind), flooding, earthquakes and ordinary accidents.

Boost Energy Efficiency – There are several things you can do to make your home more energy efficient, including purchasing energy Star alliances and improving insulation. Other ideas include investing in a water saving shower head, a digital thermostat that’s programmable or a storm door that’s perfect if you have a home with an older door.

Save it for a Rainy Day – And by rainy day we mean a potentially life-altering catastrophe or event. Every family or homeowner should have an emergency fund. Emergencies can include everything from loss of job to injuries and illnesses, unexpected home and auto repair.

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